Who am I.....


I am a Personal Trainer, Bikini Competitor Athlete;  Fitness Model, Class Instructor,  qualified NLP Life Coach & proud mummy of two wonderful children.


I have been working in the fitness industry for many years with great success stories from clients who have transformed their lives. My clients come from all walks of life, from celebrities, singers, actors, City high fliers, retired detectives, Students, Children & older adults who have suffered strokes or recovered from serious illness. Each with very different idea of what getting fit & healthy means to them. 


I decided to become a Personal Trainer after fighting back to better shape than in my teens after having my daughter by emergency c-section. I couldn't training for a quite a few months, but when I could I started running for the first time in my life & went on to run the London marathon. I have since had another c-section & 2 hernia operations. Building my strength from scratch each time so it is something I know a fair bit about and I really have first hand experience of the challenges you may face.


Since my first marathon I have gone on to run several half marathons, Tough Muddler obstacle race, competed in 3 physique comps in bikini category's, placing top 10 in one and 4th in another. This has help me achieve my personal goals of becoming a brand ambassador for companies who's products I feel very strongly about and am extremely proud to be the face and spokes person for them.


So with my life experiences; plus my desire to keep learning more about the science behind nutrition & exercises, means I am able to fully understand how you feel & help you set realistic goals you can achieve.


Whatever your goal; together we will achieve it:


Tone up

Reduce Body Fat

Feel confident

Lose Weight

Gain Muscle size 

Gain Strength

Have more energy

Learn to run 

Get fit again after pregnancy or injury, 

In-depth guidance to competing, training, diet &stage walk & poses.

Simply need some motivation & someone to inspire you back to your ultimate state of health, then I am here to make sure you get there. And have some fun on the way too! 


Working with me helps you get results faster & reduces the risk of injury through progression, correctly prescribed exercise & correct nutrition planning. All you have to do is be committed to the desire to change and you will see positive health benefits right from the start.  So whatever your needs & goals are. I'm here to help you."


Push your limits... Be limitless.