"In my teens & 20's I never worried about my weight. I was petite framed, 5ft 1 and around 7.5 stone. I could eat what I wanted.... 
Then I married the man of my dreams and at 30 yrs old had my first child. I gained almost double my weight but managed to loose most after a year... Then baby 2 came along! 

Basically that was 6 years ago and when I got to 9st 5 and a size 10-12 (uk) I thought "right that's it, time to do something about it". I'm an actress and I hated how I looked on screen, as everyone knows TV adds on pounds! I didn't want to be thin, I wanted to loose the fat but wanted to look healthy with lean muscle. 

Thats when I turned to Hayley Sinclair for help! 

I tried to loose the pounds before various ways before , diet pills, jogging ect but nothing worked. Hayley is based in London & I am in Leeds so I wondered how it was going to work. Well as I was connected to Hayley by Facebook, twitter, email & text she watched my every move... No escape! 

Hayley took my measurements, tracked my eating habits, made me send pictures and sent me diet plans and workouts tailored for my exact needs. We are in constant contact and she's more of a "lifestyle coach" than a personal trainer. Living so far apart Hayley made extra effort to contact me sometimes on a daily basis to track my movements and in turn I contact her regally for anything from fitness questions to meal ideas! 

Well, 8 months on.... I am a healthy 8st, a size 6 (UK) and feel amazing! I workout 4-5 days a week, eat clean ( with treat days on weekends!) and I feel amazing!!! My friends & family cannot believe my transformation! My life has changed thanks to Hayley!"



"After having reconstructive surgery on my right knee and gaining 4 stone .. ( being immobile and depressed) I turned 40 and decided with my consultant that I wanted to avoid more surgery... It was time to get healthy!

So I decided to get help & with Hayley's advice, starting to eat small regular healthy meals / snacks and getting the the right exercises planned for me.

She Devised a weekly plan. I hadnt exercised for 3 yrs prior to this so started with stretching / light cardio and then slowly started to up the anti each week. I am now the proud owner of a brand new body and feel like I have been given my life back. I'm even considering entering a bikini competition transformation category at Pure Elite as Hayley has inspired me so much.

With her help I've lost over 3 stone in 6 months & enjoy all the sessions we do together plus the sessions she gives me to do by myself. I'm so proud of how far I've come & with Hayley's help I'm excited to see how far I can go!"



"I decided to get a PT as I realised my diet was terrible & although I wasn't over weight, I was starting to look a bit wobbly! I found Hayley via her website & after a long chat on the phone, knew she was the PT to help me.

I didn't realise quite how little strength I had when we started! But with regular sessions plus following the healthy nutrition guide Hayley gave me, I soon noticed the difference. I had a few friends hen parties abroad & was desperate to feel confident in my bikini....and I did!!!! 

Everyone has commented on how great I look, but more importantly I now understand how to eat correctly. I've not dieted, just keep active & Hayley is always on hand to keep me motivated when I start to feel im struggling.

I'm hoping to build enough lean muscle to compete in the near future with Hayley's help too!?

Mandy Moss

Group Events & Conferences, Old Mutual plc


"Hayley is an excellent personal trainer and I really enjoy our sessions together.  She keeps the sessions varied and is very knowledgeable not just about exercise, but also about nutrition.  She seems to have the knack of tailoring to her clients needs – she pushes me hard and pitches at exactly the right level.  Every time I finish a session with Hayley I feel like I’ve really achieved something. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a motivational and dedicated trainer."

Melanie Rinaldi

Hypoxi Therapist, Hypoxi South Woodford


"Hayley, thank you so much for my personal training sessions, which helped me get fit in time for Run to the Beat half marathon. After some injuries I wasn't sure I'd do it. But with your help and guidance, my training went smoothly & I completed it! YAY!!!

I look forward to your next project, a sub 2 hours for the Silvertone half marathon in March 2012."

Aisling Carlson



"Hayley has been training me for three months and in that time my strength, endurance and physique have all greatly improved. Hayley’s fun and diverse workouts are easy to replicate on my own, meaning that in between sessions I can continue to work on specific muscle groups. Moreover, her chatty and warm personality makes training a pleasure, rather than a chore. I would highly recommend training with Hayley if you are looking for an enjoyable way to work out and change your shape."

David Gedge

Chartered Accountant


"Although I've mostly been fairly fit with a slim, athletic build, I found that my upper body wasn't as muscular as I wanted, nor was it likely to develop that way through my regular dancing, yoga and walking.   Since Hayley started advising on toning and weight exercises as well as my diet, things have definitely been improving.  I've also changed certain routines, mealtimes and food choices, so that Hayley's influence is starting to have an overall impact.  


Whilst I started off requiring upper body development and greater definition, Hayley often provides fresh new full body toning and training ideas to keep me motivated when I'm working out at home alone.  I'd say this is a long-term process already producing results which my dancing friends have already noticed and approved of!   Now I've taken these initial steps over the past 9 months, limitless doesn't feel such an alien concept after all."